Oracle 11g Refreshing DBA

Learn Oracle 11g DBA or refresh your Oracle database administration skills. This course is very useful for those people who are having a keen interest to start a career in Oracle DBA but forget about skills. They can refresh their knowledge using this course. It covers all topics starts with administration, backup, security, recovery, tuning, and troubleshooting.

Language: English

Instructors: Gitesh Trivedi

Why this course?


This is Oracle 11g full DBA course for refreshing your knowledge with this short and simple course. It covers most of all topics which are mentioned in the Oracle DBA short course by Oracle. This is the official Oracle course identified as Oracle Database 11g: 2 Day DBA Release 2..This course provides you with detail and information about Oracle architecture, administration, user management, and security, backing up the database and restoring the database, troubleshooting, and performance tuning of the database. This course is purely on PPT, slide show, video, examples, and notes. If you are requiring a live instructor then you can ask our support team.

This is a crash course of Oracle DBA to refreshing knowledge if you are previously Oracle DBA but you are away from Oracle and busied in other tasks. Now again you want to refresh your Oracle database administrator course.

Following are chapters of the Course:

 1- Introduction of Oracle and RDBMS
 2- Basic Architecture of Oracle 11g
 3- Memory region of Oracle 11g
 4- Installation of Oracle Database 11g
 5- Create an Oracle 11g database
 6- Use Enterprise Manager Database Control
 7- Configure and manage the Oracle 11g Network environment
 8- Manage database storage structures
 9- Administer Users and Security
 10- Managing schema objects
 11- Backup & Recovery Oracle 11g Database
 12- Monitor the Oracle 11g Database
 13- Use the Oracle 11g Advisors
 14- Investigation of problem and resolution
 15- Manage the Oracle 11g Database software

 16- Free Stuff - Extra Important Stuff


 This course is content as per standard of Oracle University.

Course Curriculum

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